Every single year, around 130,000 foreign students choose to pursue education at Canadian universities. Besides, the excellent education system, this beautiful country offers numerous opportunities and dynamic culture. World-class research facilities, international collaborations, state-of-the-art curriculum, and scientific publications are few aspects that Canadian universities focus on. To get an opportunity to study in Canada can be a life-changing experience for international students as it opens a door to a variety of job opportunities worldwide.
However, you might be wondering how difficult it is to get a Canadian study permit in 2021? Well! After the travel restrictions, figuring this out is very important when you decide to move to Canada for studies. Well! Canada is accepting visa applications now and you can travel to Canada however, you need to fulfill all the mandatory Covid-19 requirements. So, here’s how to get a Canadian study visa?

Let us discover it together!

If you have decided to study in Canada, you need a Canadian study permit visa, which works as a student visa for your stay in the Country. If your chosen program or course duration is of six months or lesser, you do not require a study permit. To study in Canada firstly, you are required to be accepted by a Canadian learning institution, which you have chosen to study in.After choosing the designated school to study in Canada, you have to apply for admission. Once your application is accepted by the institute you need to carry this acceptance letter from the institute to apply for a Canadian study permit at a local visa office At the visa office, you need to provide few documents, such as an original letter of acceptance, identity proof, and proof showing that you have sufficient funds for your fees, stay, and return flight to your country. You will also require doing a medical examination.
Once that your application has been approved, you obtain a letter of introduction that you need to present upon your arrival in Canada to get your study permit visa. Once you have arrived in Canada you have to meet an officer from Canada Border Services Agency and submit the necessary documents so that they can give you the final decision whether you are allowed to study in Canada or not depending on Canadian law.
The processing time for the Canadian study permit and student visa varies from country to country. Normally, with a few exceptional countries, it takes about 6 to 7 months, so early application is very important. There is another option to get a Canadian study permit in just 20 days through the Student Direct Stream only if you are applying from India and a few other countries.
It is very important to fulfill all the requirements to have your application processed as soon as possible. How long it takes for you to get a Canadian study permit visa depends mainly on your knowledge about the available visa options and your readiness with all the required documents. Be thorough, systematic, and patient while preparing to apply for a Canadian study visa. Studying in Canada is a golden opportunity that will enable you to get a recognized qualification internationally.

There is a lot of websites available online where you can browse and get all the required information related to Canadian study permit You can find all the guidelines on application procedures, list of documents, list of institutions, list of courses and programs offered, application forms, guidelines to stay and study in Canada and every bit of information that you will need to prepare and chase your dream to study in Canada.