Studying overseas in a new country is one of a kind experience for students giving them the wings to fly and make a global career for themselves. Study in abroad is an opportunity to experience the quality education system abroad, a new outlook, different cultures, and learn different aspects in their academic journey. If you are considering studying abroad, here is a step-by-step guide for you.

Step – 1 Choose your Study Destination and University

Research and research! Study about countries and their education system. This is the very first and important step- because studying overseas is just not changing a course, it’s changing the country. Research on their teaching modules, teaching methodology, research opportunities, employment opportunities post studies, and campus life. You can consider studying in different countries like the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and others.

Step – 2 Choose your Study Program

Once you decide your study destination, decide what program you want to pursue and at what level. You can also choose the specialization for your choice. Different universities in different countries offer numerous programs in every field. Choose the one that interests you and the one that suits you best.

Step – 3 Time for Application

After choosing the study destination and university, it’s time to apply. You can apply directly to the university’s official website. You will need to support your application with all the required documents. Make sure you have all the documents ready to increase your chances of acceptance. You will need to pay application fees as per university norms.

Step – 4 Receive your Letter of Acceptance

Once the university receives your application, they will assess it systematically and notify you of their decision promptly. It may take up to a few days or weeks (depends on the university and program you to choose) to process your application. If the university selects your application, you receive a letter of offer and an acceptance letter from the university. Remember to go through the letter carefully before you accept the offer.

Step – 5 Apply for Student Visa

After accepting and receiving the letter of acceptance, the most important job is to apply for a student visa to study abroad. Every country has its norms and regulations to fulfill while applying for a student visa.

Here is a general list of the topmost documents required for a student visa.

1. Evidence of admission in a university /Letter of acceptance from the university

2. Residence permit application which varies from country to country

3. Proof of language proficiency

4. Proof of parental or guardian consent (in case of a minor)

5. Proof of financial support

6. Valid passport or travel documents

7. Passport size photographs

8. Medical fitness certificate

9. Vaccinations (as per country requirement)

Step – 6 Figure out a Place to Reside

If you are offered on-campus accommodation, well and good. But, if not you will have to figure out where to stay. There are many options like rented rooms or apartments, homestay, or you can find localhost. The cost of accommodation varies depending on where you choose to stay. If you rent an apartment, you will have to pay utility bills like electricity, water, and internet additionally.

Step- 7 Get, Set, Go

Book your flight, and you’re set for an adventure. However, there is minute, but important things to do before flying off to your destination. These things include money exchange, bank accounts, insurance, SIM cards, and country-specific rules. Also, do check the entry requirements of the country you are traveling to and their baggage allowance charges.